FLUSHING, NYC - 2017/18

Trees of Tomorrow is a speculative work highlighting the complex histories of trees in Flushing Meadows - Corona Park and Flushing, Queens. In three parts the research based project exposes the ways trees shape, and are shaped by, neighborhoods, economies, and soils of Flushing: 1) a 1.5 hour long walking tour through Flushing Meadows - Corona Park into the streets of Flushing combining site specific experiences with historical and contemporary information; 2) a publication including a tour map allowing for self-guided tours, and essays echoing a futuristic theme; 3) a speculative workstation informed by collaboration with students from the John Bowne High School Agricultural Department. Collectively the project collapses the nature/society divide through art, stories and cultivations of Flushing’s trees and tree grafting. Trees of Tomorrow asks how to empower new natural cultural futures that enable local solidarity and survival across species. Trees of Tomorrow was presented as part of Open Engagement: Sustainability 2018 at the Queens Museum.

Trees of Tomorrow is conceptualized, organized, and executed by Margaretha Haughwout (Guerrilla Grafters), Cody Herrmann and Julian Louis Phillips of Social Practice Queens, and John Bowne High School Agriculture Department, initiated along with Greg Sholette and Randall Szott.

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