QUEENS, NYC - 2017

Inspired by the illegally high levels of noise pollution experienced living near by LaGuardia Airport, Plane View uses site-specific installations to quantify and visualize the environmental impacts of air-traffic. Paper airplanes are used to represent the number of planes that pass over any given spot in one hour and associated minutes of engine noise per hour.

Plane View can be replicated anywhere-- spend 15 minutes in one spot counting every plane you see while using a timer to keep track of how long you hear engine noise from above, multiply by 4 for hourly estimates.

Making planes from re-used news papers is suggested, although it will leave ink residue on your palms and fingers-- after what could be hours of construction time, please be sure to wash the news from your hands before you carry on with your day!

Klapper Hall, Queens College - Flushing
76 planes, 52 min. of engine noise p/hr
8 silver planes represent 8 minutes p/hr w/o engine noise

People played with the lose planes, folding some into the alternate versions seen bellow.

Auburndale Lane + 45th Ave. - Flushing
56 planes, 35 min. of engine noise p/hr
25 gold planes represent 25 minutes p/hr w/o engine noise

Queens Council on the Arts - Astoria
0 planes, 0 min. of engine noise p/hr
3 chains of planes represent the different amount of engine noise observed at Queens College, 45th Ave. + Auburndale, and Queens Council on the Arts