To promote Commons Fest a parklet was set up outside of the the Robin's Project pop-up office in downtown Warren, OH. Parklets effectively reclaim public space, making land normally reserved for automobiles usable and friendly to pedestrians. Though the main goal of the parklet was to promote the Robins Project agenda, the passive space aggressively attacked the rampant sprawl and car-culture present in the small city.

Salvaged pallets from a near-by factory and leftover paint were used to construct the benches. Live plant features, free wi-fi, and a comfortable place to sit paired with the I Wish This Was... wall outside of the theater and a giant chessboard offered an alternative to the 'park right outside- don't walk down the sidewalk' mindset found in the area.

The space only lasted a weekend, and was met with hostility from drivers and city government alike, as cops accidentally broke the benches while moving them onto the sidewalk to make room for Monday morning 'rush-hour'.