Live from The Gutter works to demystify the New York City sewage system, specifically the Flushing Creek sewage-shed in north-east Queens. Photos taken underground inside of a large sewage interceptor pipe in Kissena Park were exhibited above ground, roughly above the point they were taken inside of the tunnel, allowing those traveling through the park to visualize the infrastructural systems that surround and support them.

This sewage interceptor pipe runs east-west though Queens, from Cunningham Park to Flushing Meadows - Corona Park, collecting raw sewage and stormwater run-off from parts of Bayside, Fresh Meadows, and Flushing. Photos were taken at the point where outfall from Kissena Lake enters the interceptor in Kissena Park. This collection of photos, taken in 2015, highlights the tunnel as an intersection between the built and natural environment-- a dynamic space where fresh water mixes with raw sewage, showing signs that many have come to explore before.