QUEENS, NYC - 2018

How do you get to Flushing Creek? increases access to Flushing Creek by giving people tools to explore the Flushing waterfront on self-guided walks. During summer 2018 a total of four unsanctioned aluminum road signs were hung along the Flushing Bay Promenade, next to the SkyView Mall Waterfront Access Plan, and at the bottom of the Northern Boulevard Bridge directing people towards then informal access points along Flushing Creek. One of the signs has avoided the eye of regulatory agencies and remain installed on the roadside. With increased access and visibility conversations about the Creek’s future will start to become more common.



On Waterfront Alliance's 2018 City of Water Day as part of the #InYourNeighborhood program three aluminum signs directing people to Flushing Creek were installed on existing street sign posts in Flushing and Willets Point. A short publication including photos of the Creek and various walking routes to access the waterfront was distributed via sign posts. The installation locations were made available through @FlushingBayandCreep. The publication is archived below.

Aluminum signs made possible through the support of the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program (HEP) and Guardians of Flushing Bay. Publication made possible through the support of HEP.


The transcripts below contain part of a series of conversations recorded on a concealed iPhone 6S in downtown Flushing. Without knowing they were being recorded pedestrians were asked variations of the question ‘how do you get to Flushing Creek?’ The conversations illustrate what is known, not known, and what was learned through this exercise about the landscape surrounding the Flushing Waterways.

Recording 3 - NW corner of Roosevelt Ave. and Main St. - November 2, 2017
CODY ANN HERRMANN Excuse me, do either of you guys know how to get to the water?
PERSON 1 Water?
CAH Yeah, there’s like a creek, Flushing Creek.
P1 Water?
PERSON 2 I know Water Street!
CAH But there’s like a creek, it’s like Flushing Creek or Flushing River, do you know?
P2 Any river?
CAH Well I know it’s call Flushing River, Flushing Creek something like that. Have you...
P2 Uuuh...
P1 Huh...
P2 I don't know. You live here.
P1 I don't know.

Recording 9 - 39th Ave. between Main St. and Prince St. - November 2, 2017
PERSON 1 How are you?
CODY ANN HERRMANN Hey, good. Do you guys know how to get to Flushing Creek?
P1 Flushing Creek is a new one on me, and I’ve been here for a while. What is Flushing--
CAH Flushing Creek is like Flushing River, Flushing Creek…
PERSON 2 Flu--
P1 Oh, as in like a real creek?
CAH Yeah!
P2 I think I know where it is. To be honest...I...I think it’s by Vin-- where Vinny's yard is over there.
P1 Is that right?
P2 I really think it is. Yeah, have you looked it up on your phone or anything?
P1 Where is Flushing Creek?
P2 Does it-- does it say it’s on College Point Boulevard?
SIRI Here is a map of Flushing Creek.
P1 Flushing Creek.
CAH Yeah, so we're close by…
P1 I do know that Flushing Bay is back that way...
CAH Okay.
P1 So I’m assuming the Creek runs into that?
CAH Yeah, looks like it, okay, so--
P2 That’s funny.
CAH --I guess were like a block away, is that what that looks like?
P1 You can’t go that much further.

Recording 10 - NE corner of 39th Ave. and Prince St. - November 2, 2017
PERSON 1 You want help with something?
CODY ANN HERRMANN Yeah! I was wondering where Flushing Creek is. If you know how to get to Flushing Creek, like Flushing River. There's water around here apparently.
P1 Water. Flushing. I don't know. Does Flushing have water? Oh, they have a park over there, but it is a little far.
CAH A park?
P1 Yeah, like the river.
CAH Okay, cool.
P1 If you go, this is Roosevelt Avenue, all the way down, all the way, and when you get to 126th Street make a right.
CAH Okay, awesome. Thank you so much.
P1 But it’s far from here.
CAH Yeah, okay. That’s probably like Flushing Bay, like in Corona.
P1 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
CAH Yeah, okay, because apparently there’s like water that runs like right around here. [gestures to Link NYC map] See! Look here. Flushing River! Who knew?!
P1 Ooooh.
CAH So okay, it’s like a block away.
P1 But now it has no water. The water is very dirty.
CAH Very dirty? Do you know why it’s dirty?
P1 Yeah, no can walk there. If you go to here, here have the water, but this water, no, no, no can walk there.
CAH Do you know anything about why it’s bad?
P1 I don’t know.

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