HARLEM, NYC - 2014

Harlem Commons, executed in late 2014, is a participatory research project by Cody Herrmann and Michael Lawlor. While studying potential public uses for the decommissioned West Harlem Marine Transfer Station with WeAct in Harlem, NYC, the pair attached disposable cameras to infrastructure in 5 public plazas throughout Harlem to understand how area residents experience existing public spaces, an example of the commons, in their neighborhood.

Many of the photos are selfies or portraits of others, implying the importance of people, community, and self in relation to one's experience and interpretation of public spaces. Photos bellow appear in the order they were taken.

Greenstreet at 135th st. & 12th ave. - Traffic sign

West Harlem Piers at 125th st. on the Hudson River - Pier railing

Greenstreet at 125th st. & Morningside ave. - Parks Dept. fence

Greenstreet at 136th st. & St. Nicholas ave. - Bus stop

Greenstreet at 142nd st. and Edgecombe ave. - Traffic sign